Building materials solutions

Scheme 1: Building "no cleaning" scheme                      

Neatrition Superself-cleaning nanomaterials:

Neatrition Super self-cleaning coating is a coating with super hydrophobic and oil phobic properties. The use of unique nanotechnology on the surface of the object to form a layer of air protection can prevent water, oil and other liquids erosion. This feature allows the surface of the object to achieve "no cleaning", which is a revolutionary new coating.


Product application:

Neatrition super self-cleaning coating is used in a very wide range, in metal, plastic, fabric, wood, leather, ceramics, concrete and other surfaces can be very good adhesion, play a super hydrophobic effect, to achieve the most fundamental elimination of moisture, stains, etc., so that the required items "no cleaning", so as to get the best protection.

The magic of super self-cleaning materials!

This product can be brushed, sprayed and other ways for a wide range of construction. This product is mainly composed of specially treated organic/inorganic composite nanoparticles, which have low surface energy properties and can be self-assembled into random micron-nano composite structures on the substrate, which can produce excellent superhydrophobic effect on the surface. Even if there is only a slight inclination (1~2°), no additional external force is required to make the water droplets roll freely, take away the stains and dust on the surface, and achieve self-cleaning function.

Comparison of construction effect of super self-cleaning materials


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Scheme 2: Building waterproofing scheme

Neatrition Nano waterproof Coating:

Using rubber, resin and other environmentally friendly, non-toxic substances as raw materials, the use of special equipment to prepare uniform particle size of ultra-fine nano suspended emulsion rubber, emulsion resin, with nano rubber as the core, polymer resin as the shell of the core-shell structure liquid rubber material, giving it the advantages of high density and high elasticity, water as the dispersion medium, belongs to environmental protection materials.

Neatrition nano waterproof coating Advantages:

Waterproof, anti-leakage, anti-mildew, anti-oxidation, anti-UV, puncture resistance, high and low temperature resistance, to provide a complete set of professional protection, waterproof, anti-seepage, anti-mildew solutions.

Simple construction, cold cooling spray, seamless overall, rapid prototyping, ultra-high elasticity, mold resistance, flame retardant, environmental protection and non-toxic

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    NeatritionⅠwaterproof nano adhesive          Neatrition Ⅱ waterproof nano adhesive     Neatrition Ⅲ waterproof nano adhesive

Application scenario:

Environmental protection, building waterproofing, urban construction, underground engineering, hydropower facilities, green landscaping and so on.


Solution 3: negative oxygen ion solution

Negative ion wall paint:

墙漆.jpg  墙漆2.jpg                                                                                                                  

                  Negative ion wall paint                                               Anion wall paint (polymer permeability)